My name is Dan and I like computers. I am a software developer and reverse engineer, and I like to poke around at video games during my free time.

When not at my desk I am usually taking a leisurely stroll with a friend or podcast.

I spend a lot of time collecting songs that I like to live to and like to dance to.

I love the ocean and the self-reliant, tight-knit communities of sail boats. I crewed on a Pacific crossing in the spring of 2022 from Panama to French Polynesia. The picture above is of me testing out the strength of a rope I spliced.

I have a strong interest in community living and cohousing.

I am fascinated by games that blend the real, the virtual, and the imaginary. Some examples are ARGs, and meta-narratives that grow from system-driven games like Eve: Online or XCOM or even specific game servers.

I am blessed with loving family and friends, and I am overall having a good time.

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